Thursday, July 30, 2009

Don't Fall Victim to Auto Repair Fraud - Know Your Auto Repair Shop

n't Fall Victim to Auto Repair Fraud - Know Your Auto Repair ShopSince most people depend on their vehicles for their everyday activities like getting to work and running errands, repairs must be done quickly and correctly. That is why car repair fraud can turn out to be a major problem. A case brought against a large automobile repair corporation for fraud prompted the National Association of Attorneys General, or NAAG, to develop an auto repair task force. This single case included 43 states and resulted in $200,000 being allocated towards reforming the auto repair industry.

A lot of people feel they are at the mercy of auto repair shops and whatever they choose to charge, because of the sophisticated equipment in most automobiles today. Even necessary engine repairs and major truck repairs may leave the consumer questioning whether the repairs were appropriate or whether they paid too much. Mechanics have been known to replace car parts with used ones instead of new ones, so be sure to check everything carefully. - Fantasy Dream

Resources like the Better Business Bureau can help people determine the auto repair shops that have received the fewest complaints, as well as those with the most compliments. Ask family and friends about car repair shops; this is the best way to find a good repairman.

When you are dealing with someone who will be repairing your car, be sure you completely comprehend any work that needs to be done. Ask questions if you do not understand something. Whenever you are having engine repairs done, get your estimate in writing. You should authorize all repairs before they are performed; be sure they understand this.

Your concerns about auto repairs may be appropriate since the National Highway Safety Administration estimates that consumers pay billions of dollars each year towards fraudulent automotive repairs. Some places even make unnecessary repairs or charge inflated repair costs to their customers, taking advantage of car owners. Think about asking the mechanic to save the used car parts from your vehicle for you when the repairs are done. Even though there is no guarantee that you will not be a victim of deception, appearing knowledgeable will hopefully make them think twice about any fraudulent work.

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