Sunday, January 17, 2010

In Detroit have presented new Chrysler 300 S6 & S8

White Chrysler 300

Such sensation, what in concern Chrysler experts in marketing have gone mad — how differently to explain a policy of the company in relation to a sedan 300C?
On autoshow in Detroit all the same acquaintance has been shown us from the beginning 2000 sedan of a business class, but with cosmetic changes. All is good, but to what was so pathosly to represent the car as absolutely new model? It appears not restyling as can logically seem, and not technical updating of last generation is new Chrysler 300 S8 2010!

Absolutely not new Chrysler

Though as a matter of fact the car looks the same as and the last 7 years. Changes have concerned shock-absorbers, springs, a steering and wheel disks. The "new" sedan in 20-inch disks with rubber Goodyear Eagle RSA is put.

Black Chrysler 300

Interior new Chrysler 300 S8

Interior Chrysler 300 S8

Main innovation Chrysler that the model has lost the letter «C» in the name, but has got new emblems S6 and S8. As it is not difficult to guess, version Chrysler S6 is supplied by engine V6, supplied with a 5-step transmission. The volume at this version makes 3.5 litres, power of the engine — 250HP and 339Nm. On the prices and the beginning of sales of "novelty" Chrysler yet has not informed.