Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shelby makes anniversary Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang coupe

At auction of collection cars Barrett-Jackson known American company Shelby has presented the next tuning version of coupe Ford Mustang GT to the USA — GT350.

The car is constructed in honour of the 45 anniversary from the date of occurrence of first classical "Mustang" Shelby GT350 which have made in number of 562 copies. The new model will be collected in number of 2200 pieces.

Ford Mustang for Barrett-Jackson

Experts of company Shelby together with racing division of company Ford have finished standard 5-l 8-cylinder engine "Mustang" power of 412HP, having completed muscle car a firm mechanical supercharger. It has allowed to increase engine return approximately to 500HP. The unit works together with a 6-step mechanical transmission. Dynamic characteristics of a novelty which at auctions Barrett-Jackson has been presented in the form of the concept car ready to a batch production, yet are not informed.

Coupe Ford Mustang

Interior Ford Mustang GT

Ford Mustang GT

Coupe Ford Mustang GT

Coupe Shelby GT350

Also the new Mustang has received the modernised suspension bracket (there were new springs, extensions of racks and other stabilizers of cross-section stability), 6-piston brake mechanisms Baer on a forward axis, final system Borla, wheel disks Cragar with tyre covers Goodyear, and also new registration of a forward part of a body, and additional control devices on a forward rack in the salon, responsible for pressure of fuel, oil and pressurisation.

According to representatives Shelby, the serial car will appear at dealers in the spring of this year. Cost of completions will make $33,995US. We will notice, that the prices on usual Ford Mustang GT in the USA begin with a mark in $30,000US, and full cost Shelby GT350 turns out more than at 540-strong "Mustang" Shelby GT500.