Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Volare The Aston Martin Sports Car Concept is an eco-friendly

Aston Martin Volare is an eco-friendly

The Aston Martin Volare is a proposal for a next-generation Aston Martin supercar which features an environmentally friendly drivetrain. Aston Martin, like all other supercar manufacturers, faces a dilemma over the next decade; How to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of their vehicles while also maintaining performance levels which are equal, or superior, to past models.
Volare The Aston Martin Sports Car Concept

The Aston Martin Volare is a design study of a two-seater sportscar that combines the typical styling cues of the brand with a fuel-cell powertrain and an interior characterized by the use of eco-friendly materials. The author is Coventry graduate James Trim. The two-seater Aston Martin Volare Concept features a high-power fuel cell stack, located between the front seats, a rear mounted battery pack, and a co-axial electric motor at the front. To aid the Volare’s weight distribution, the two hydrogen storage tanks have been positioned directly above the car’s rear axle. The Aston Martin Volare concept was a vehicle developed by James Trim during his final year at Coventry University studying Automotive Design. He is currently looking for placement opportunities.
Volare The Aston Martin Sports Car Concept 

Speaking about the exterior design of the concept, James Trim explains, "The underlying aim when designing the Volare was to combine present day technologies with the profile of a car that would be instantaneously recognisable as that of an Aston Martin."
Trim said of the design; “Aesthetically the vehicle sharpens up the familiar Aston Martin proportions, with much crisper shoulders and a noticeable ‘floating’ rear deck. The solid front grille was inspired by the older V8 Vantage, while the flexible front fenders can alter their shape to reveal daytime running lights or full headlamps.”
Volare The Aston Martin Sports Car Concept 

The interior uses eco-friendly leather. The materials used in the tanning process are derived from sustainable, farm bred, Mimosa trees. The natural extract from the trees is used to produce the chemicals necessary for farming leather.
This results in an enironmentally-friendly natural process, producing breathable and highly flexible hides. The center console is made from recycled aluminium. The emerging binnacle and Bang & Olufsen twin lens speakers add a touch of theatre to the cabin. "The principle concern being confronted by Aston Martin is the harmful impact their cars are having on the environment. With this in mind, the Aston Martin Volare retains the fantastic sound and outright performance customary with that of a gasoline equivalent.
Volare The Aston Martin Sports Car Concept  

Side from the eco-friendly drivetrain, another dictating factor in the Volare’s design was the desire to create a car which was instantly recognizable as an Aston Martin. It was important that the styling was influenced more by the heritage of the brand, rather than the source of power. On the Volare concept all the hallmarks of Aston Martin are instantly apparent, sleek profile, short front and rear overhangs, trademark grille, powerful rear arches and uncluttered lines.