Monday, February 1, 2010

Money Making Monday

We were super-busy tonight. I think it's the $10 pizzas. Of my 16 deliveries, 4 were a single $10 pizza and 2 were 2 pizzas for $20. Most of the other 10 included a $10 pizza but with wings, breadsticks, pasta, Pepsi, I really can't say which ones.

I worked 5 hours and took 16 deliveries, drove 53 miles, and made $44 in tips. My first 6 deliveries each tipped $3. My next trip was a double that tipped $5 on the first house and $1 on the 2nd house.

Adventure of the night was a delivery to xx07 West ave. I get there and there's xx05 and xx09. I call the customer 3 times before they answer and admit they are on xx07 Middle ave. (Luckily just a block away). I'm on the phone as I'm pulling in their driveway and still they let me wait on the porch at least a couple minutes before opening the door. Want to guess if they tipped? (No).

My only other stiff was my last run of the night. He was so excited to get his pizza so fast, he had been quoted an hour on the phone. He questioned whether his pizza was fresh. (It was, we don't premake anything, ever). He said he wanted me to always deliver his pizza. I'd be happier with never.

At one point tonight we had 6 drivers in the store. Joel, Joel's mom, 3 new guys (Matt, Jonathan, and Paul?) and me. But 2 of the new guys may have just been doing prep and dishes, I never saw them on the road. Any other Monday it would have been WAY too many drivers but tonight we needed them all!