Friday, February 5, 2010

Production defects, Honda Car Drag 646,000

Production defects, Honda Car Drag 646,000

Not complete the withdrawal plan or a recall of millions of Toyota Motor Corp. cars., Japanese automakers another giant, Honda Motor Co.., On weekday last week (29 / 1), also declared the draw prefabricated 646,000 units of cars from the world market.

Model that will be drawn was the Honda Fit, Jazz, and the City, which circulated in individual countries, including 140,000 units from the U.S. market (U.S.). Honda spokesman of the UK, as quoted by Reuters on Saturday (30 / 1), say, a automobile pulled in the production in 2002 until 2008.

The plan, Honda will do a recall on the South African market, Europe, and Asia. While the countries that signed the recall plan include Japan, China, Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and India.

In the South African market, Honda will pull all Honda Jazz prefabricated in the year 2002-2008. \"Working in the UK, the amount to be withdrawn to reach 172,000 units,\" the spokesman said.

Honda pulled the products because it has a problem with power window panel incoming to the driver. This panel is not tight so that the incoming changeful can drive short-circuiting. The worst, has the potential to drive a fire.

Just so you know, last Sept 2009, in Cape Town, South Africa, a two-year-old pupil named Vanilla Nurse, died in the Jazz's automobile suddenly caught fire.

Well, Honda will change the panel pulled the automobile window with a new panel using tight materials.

Honda's withdrawal due to Singapore and Malaysia, came rumors that the withdrawal would touch the Jazz Indonesia. However, Director of Marketing and After Sales Service Honda Prospect Motor (HPM), the bearer of the Honda brand in Indonesia, sure, there is no withdrawal Honda Jazz sold in Indonesia. \"The one in Indonesia did not exist,\" he said.

If anything, Jonfis said, HPM will not cover up. Because it involves the issue of trust, reputation, and most importantly, consumer safety.