Monday, April 11, 2011

2011 Volkswagen Microbus Bulli Concept

02-vw-microbus-consept-showVolkswagen will refresh the market with new car enthusiasts who have the concept of VW Bulli. Volkswagen has revived this concept with the introduction of 2011 VW microbus. After earlier in the year 2001 as well ever. Now, Volkswagen again offer both conceptual redux of the van that so-popular. Aside from the VW Beetle, VW Microbus may be one of the most populer vehicles ever to come out of the Volkswagen.

As previously VW Microbus concept, 2011 VW Microbus borrow styling cues from the original T1, although with less retro flare and edge over. Sharply creased character lines and boxy shape give VW Bulli contemporary and airy feel despite the somewhat compact vehicle dimensions. The concept vehicle at the 102-ins. wheelbase and 156 in. long. Standing 66 in. tall, 68.4 in. wide and has a generous 54-in. front and rear tracks.

03-vw-microbus-consept-sideExterior design and interior design of this VW Microbus Concept looks clean and neat, half-circle speedometer positioned New Articles Directly in Front of a single driver. A second binnacle half circle color multifunction xp home, The Seeing explain to equipment and a steering wheel mounted switches Canada as a nav system, Telephone, Computer Media and Travel Centre. The sound system provided by the legendary guitar maker Fender Created. Similarly, the passenger seat. Everything is designed for comfort. Rear seats can be stored to further increase cargo capacity.

Although inspired design Made of nostalgia, Absolute Bulli state-of-the-art-that. But the VW Microbus 2011 has a built-in Apple iPad central console, which also serves as a vehicle to explain xp touch multi-function. Husband system provides on-board navigation and hands-free, Bluetooth cell phone connectivity.

07-vw-microbus-back.jpgThe original VW Bus is actually called Transporter 1 or T1 when it was introduced way back in 1950, but became known by the Germans as Bulli. In America, we know it as the VW Microbus.

Unlike the previous modern effort, which uses front-drive architecture of conventional and traditional gasoline engine powered, 2011 VW Microbus is available three ways. It can be powered by a 1.0-petrol engine or 1.4-liter 4-cylinder, or built as an EV powered by 85 kW motors that produce lb.-ft. 199 impressive torque. VW say electricity VW Microbus hits 62 mph in 11.5 seconds. and has a top speed electronically regulated from 87 mph. Range up to 186 miles a single charge of its lithium-ion battery.