Saturday, April 2, 2011

The 32nd Bangkok International Motor Show 2011 Discovery a new innovation

The 32nd Bangkok International Motor Show Theme Discovery a new innovation The Bangkok International Motor Show Today, automotive technologies are modernized very fast such as cars, motorcycles, including related industries. All modern technologies are provided in each product beginning from modern design, facilities, excellent performance, low emission, and economical. Each type of product must be developed by high technology with exclusive materials in order to satisfy consumers. The products and technologies exhibition is as important as other media in presenting products to consumers. The automotive exhibition that is accepted by most of Thai people both consumers and automotive companies including foreigners to be the best motor show of Asia except Tokyo Motor Show is "Bangkok International Motor Show". This year is the 24th show organized by Grand Prix International Co., Ltd. This year, all automotive companies including related industry pay much attention to the mentioned show. There are planning to bring modern technologies to show in this event for people and students to know the automotive progressions with introducing new models to Thai market as well. Discovering a new innovation; the 32nd Bangkok International Motor Show." Since the first step of the journey until the present, we had never been stopped our walking and developing. Thousand miles of the journey always likes the first step. We know that the experiences make our journey colorful. It’s the Bangkok International Motor Show , the most innovative automotive technology works for mankind.