Monday, April 18, 2011

Spyshot 2012 Toyota Yaris 3 Door

2012-toyota-yaris-3dr-frontToyota Yaris Hybrid Concept show at the Geneva Motor Show 2011, the successor of the Yaris is at hand. This is a sedan. Our spy photographers have now shown that Japanese companies are also involved with one of three doors.

2012-toyota-yaris-3dr-sideThe new Yaris is an important car for Toyota: New Toyota's generation of clean-up of new B-segment (among others) the Fiesta at the Polo or Corsa. The program currently on the market since 2005 (in 2009, after a face-lift) and therefore the end of his life.

2012-toyota-yaris-3dr-backIn any event clear that the Yaris hybrid concept car at Geneva a version of the debut vehicle tax-free. These Yaris hybrid, but until 2012. E ‘to see if the engine lineup for this period also allows the exemption of the BPM cycle inside the fish. Currently, exempt the income of this segment almost a tax on diesel vehicles.

We expect the opening of the new Yaris at IAA in Frankfurt (September). The production takes place in Valenciennes, France. From2012, hybrid gangs. Toyota is not obvious in Amsterdam this year, so that the Yaris Hybrid Concept, unfortunately, passed the Dutch public.