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BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke stands for, or in English, Bavarian Motor Works), is a German automotive company which manufactures cars and motorcycles. BMW was founded in 1916 by Franz Josef Popp. BMW AG is the parent company of brands MINI and Rolls-Royce, and, formerly Rover. BMW is known as one of the company's high-performance luxury cars, and also one of the first car company to use the ABS technology.

History of company

BMW started the business after the restructuring of the company's aircraft engine maker Rapp Motorenwerke 1917. The end of World War I in 1918, BMW was forced to stop producing aircraft engines because of the Versailles Treaty. [2] The company switched to producing motorcycles in 1923 after the treaty began to be relaxed,and began producing cars in 1928/29/In 1992, BMW acquired the company's industrial design studio DesignworksUSA in California, and acquired full-year 1995. In 1994, BMW bought Rover Group UK automotive companies (where there was a brand of Rover, Land Rover and MG brands as well as rights that are no longer produced the Austin and Morris) and have it for 6 years. In 2000, Rover suffered huge losses and BMW were sold. MG and Rover brands sold to the Phoenix Consortium to form MG Rover, while Land Rover was taken over Ford. BMW eventually established his own brand he named MINI, which was launched in 2001.

BMW 1 (E8I)

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The BMW 1 Series is a line of small family cars manufactured by the German automaker BMW since 2004. Successor to the BMW

The 1 Series was launched globally in Autumn 2004 and shares many structural, chassis, powertrain, hardware and electronic elements with the larger 3 Series. The model was started to Provide a lower point of entry into the BMW range as the 3 Series moved gradually up-market. Initially launched as a five-door hatchback, a 2-door coupe version was also launched in July 2007, Followed by a convertible, 3-door hatchback and a facelifted five-door hatchback. The 1 Series is priced Between the MINI and the current E90 3 Series. The hatchback is the only rear wheel drive vehicle in its class, so it is Often Considered the successor to the BMW 2002. The 1 Series line is produced in two factories in Germany based BMW in Leipzig and Regensburg.

The 1 Series coupe (E82) and Convertible (E88) went on sale in the United States and Canada in model year 2008 (30 June 2007) [1] as the 128i and the 135i. Other countries received the 120i, 125i and the 135i in both platforms. The convertible, unlike the 3 Series convertible, uses a soft-top instead of a folding hardtop. This is lighter and preserves more boot space than the folding hardtop would allow.

The North American introduction of the coupe and cabriolet was during the second quarter of 2008, the which was credited for Helping BMW overtake Lexus as the top luxury brands.
BMW M Boss Dr. Kay Segler Officially Announced the making of the M variant of the BMW 1-Series Coupe on July 9, 2010, via an official YouTube video and press release
BMW seri 3 (E90) 
The BMW E90 series is the fifth generation of the BMW 3 Series range of compact executive cars. The car is also available as a touring (designated as E91), coupé (E92) and coupé cabriolet (E93). A high-performance BMW M3 version of the E90, E92, and E93 is also available. It is the successor to the E46 model, and was launched in March 2005.

In 2002, Norbert Reithofer and Development Chief Burkhard Goeschel started an initiative to halve the time it took to reach full production of the next generation 3-series from six months to three [First marketed in March 2005, the car Quickly Became BMW Group's best-selling automobile worldwide, and by the end of the year 229.900 vehicles had been delivered. It is by far the best-selling entry-level luxury car in Canada and the United States.

In 2009, the saloon underwent an extensive mid-cycle facelift. In 2011, the coupe and convertible were facelifed as well. Facelifted 3-series are commonly Referred to as "LCI" (Lifecycle Impulse) models

BMW SERI 5 (F10)


The sixth generation of the 5-Series (BMW F10) made ​​its debut on 23 November 2009 as a 2010 model. The Station Wagon / Touring version carries the chassis code F11. This chassis is shared with the 7 Series (F01) and the 6 Series (F12)


It is designed by Adrian van Hooydonk, with a more prominent upright grille split kidney and the absence of the "Bangle butt" rear-end styling of its predecessor E60. Externally, the car is a more traditional design BMWesque; a far more sober effort after the highly controversial E60. Although it bears some resemblance to the E60 with the wide kidney grilles and a very pronounced Hofmeister kink, the creases in the bonnet and just underneath the door Cleary are related to the E39 and other models Earlier 5 series. Inside marks the return of the center console being angled towards the driver Cleary, another marked change from its immediate predecessor the which was noted for its non-traditional BMW design. However, opinion is Divided, as a reviewer described the F10 as too bland and conservative, compared to the E60 predecessor, as well too much resemblance to the E90 3-Series.